Bold, Classy, and Down to earth original or inspiring quotes printed on Inspirational Gifts and Tees. “Quote Me” Michele L Benson designs each product. Our goal is to give inspiration with boldness to those who wear or view the product. Be the Message. Wear the Message. Send a Message.
Be Blessed Loves,
Author/Designer/Owner of “Quote Me” Michele L Benson


Inspired by the book I’ve written titled “Quote Me” Inspirational Quotes and Scriptures. The store was created to add my quotes to any products on zazzle.com website per customers choosing from the book. Also if any customer wants their saying or ideal, put on a customized item we can make it for them.

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“Quote Me” Inspirational Quotes and Scriptures also available


Quote Me devotional was inspired by my love for ministry and writing. Even though I am the Owner/Designer of “Quote Me” Inspirational Gifts and Tees I wanted to also give a message behind each product that I’ve designed and created. Each product that I’ve created is the title of a message, God would give me ideas and scriptures to go with them. I thank God for inspiring me to use every gift that he has given me. We created this devotional in hopes to encourage, uplift and guide each and everyone who reads it. How our devotional work: each devotional will consist of messages from what God has given me for that particular time to write, also messages inspired by each product that we’ve designed or quote’s I’ve written. Our devotional will come out ( Lords will ) each month, the number of the message may vary depending on what God gives me to put in it, but for now, it’s a 4-day devotional. In the future, we may have guest writers that will contribute to our devotional.
Thank you and Be Blessed Loves,

Author/Designer/ Owner of “Quote Me” Michele L Benson


I would like to give honor and praises to God my heavenly father, his Son Jesus and our comforter the HOLY spirit. Thank you, God, (The love of my life) for allowing me to use this gift for your glory.
This will be the second book I’ve written but the first book I’ve published. In this book are quotes I’ve written down through the years, inspired by personal testimonies, random thoughts, bible study, and prayer. There are mixtures of writing styles for I would write in the way I felt and what inspires me to write the quote. You will find quotes about life, love, and faith in God. With each page, my favorite scripture is included at the top. It is my prayer that this book will encourage, uplift and guide you through life as you read it. Even though I’ve written these quotes, I still rely on God’s Holy word it is what inspires me to be who God created me to be.




Author/Designer/Owner of “Quote Me” Michele L Benson