Don’t Pay Them Your Mind. Michele Benson

Happy Blessed Monday Loves❤ Here’s a quote from my new book “Quote Me” Inspirational Quotes and Scriptures coming soon!

Quote: Don’t Pay Them your Mind. Michele Benson

Message: If others are offering you negativity don’t give your mind over to it. You pay them your mind by buying into the negative things they are saying. Don’t allow negative thoughts and people to take over your mind. Don’t pay attention to negative people or thoughts. Negative people want you to respond to them, they want an reaction out of you so don’t give into what they are presenting to you, resist them with positive thinking and Gods word. By Michele Benson. #motovation #motivationalquotes #quotemebymb #quotemebook #author #blessed #thankyoulord #igivemyselfaway #myyear2018 #Goddidit #successful #supportsmallbusiness #womenwhoblog #books #inspirationalquotes

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